Gareth and Rebecca are thrilled to be sponsored by Fairfax Saddles that are beautiful in their simplicity and created to work in perfect harmony with the horse’s natural design. They look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with the team.


With a rich heritage in textiles and a deep understanding of the high standards of technical and comfort needed in attire for both horse and rider, Gareth and Rebecca are proud to be sponsored by the one of the leading companies in the equestrian world, Equiline. Their continual investment in research and design gives Team Hughes continual peace of mind in the products they choose for their horses and themselves



Gareth is proud to be sponsored by Baileys whom are experts in their field. With Baileys, he knows his performance horses remain in peak condition and ready for the demanding levels of competition.





At Hughes Dressage the horses protection is of upmost importance. Gareth and Rebecca are proud to be associated and sponsored by Woof Wear. For more than 30 years Woof Wear have been at the forefront of equestrian protection.







Rebecca and Gareth love the high end competition wear they receive from Classic Dressage from breeches to tailcoats…they are always ready for the arena






“Rebecca and Gareth are very pleased to be supported by Protexin Equine Premium which is a leading range of unique probiotic supplements for horses. Each supplement contains a high quality probiotic along with Protexin’s unique Preplex prebiotic to help restore the balance of the microflora promoting effective health, recovery and performance in horses.”




Animalife, the creators of Vetrofen and Vetroflex, offer a premium range of equine supplements that have been specifically formulated by leading nutritionists from around the world and contain the optimal amounts of essential components required to support the equine’s body. Each formulation has been designed using natural, bioavailable ingredients to ensure maximum digestibility for efficient equestrian nutrition .www.animalife.co.uk



Königs are the oldest and most prominent makers of high quality individual made-to-measure riding boots and the only choice of boot for Gareth and Rebecca. For more than 150 years Konig have produced boots with high technical diligence using the latest procedures and are distinguished by their excellent high quality leather and their complex individual workmanship which still involves a good deal of manual work.



Rebecca is very proud to be sponsored by Samshield whose helmets are made of the most performant materials in order to offer the rider the highest standards of performance and protection as well as style throughout.


Gareth and Rebecca have been the proud owners of a Cushion Track Classic surface for the past three years on their indoor arena and have now had an outdoor 60m x 20m arena installed with Cushion Track Classic along with two Turnout Pens. These enhancements to the facilities at Hughes Dressage will assist with the development and training of Grand Prix horses to which they are renowned.


Hot Horse Shower are very proud to be associated with Gareth and Rebecca Hughes. The health, wellbeing and comfort of Gareth and Rebecca’s horses is very important to them.   They are always noted for the immaculate turnout of their horses so we are delighted that they have chosen the Hot Horse Shower Mobile to be the new addition to the Hughes Dressage and Classic Dressage facilities.


Roeckl Sports is globally active, and yet remains a locally based, family-run mid-sized company. For six generations, Roeckl has stood for quality, perfection and innovation and they live up to their motto:"being innovative by tradition. Preserving what is tried and tested. Improving what is good!" Through their wealth of experience and their undivided focus on gloves, Roeckl Sports today owns numerous patents, exclusive materials and processing methods, which have made them the market leader on the sports gloves market, both in terms of quality and quantity and Gareth is very proud to be sponsored by them.

The Tech Stirrups have been produced entirely in aluminium, in Italy, with artisan care, for all riders who are looking for exceptional performance thanks to a unique design accessory and we are very happy to be working with the company.